Lusitano - Noble of Spirit

Our Breeding Farm

We believe the mare is the most important aspect of our breeding program. The mare gives most of the personality and temperament as she must raise the foal for the first 6 months. The intelligence and the mares personal habits whether being clean in a stall or gulping down food hastily will be learned by the foal. These habits are there for a lifetime. Therefore the mare selection for temperament, intelligence and habits are most important. She must be sweet in nature as well as having good habits. The intellect of the mare will be passed onto the foals in form of learning very quickly any lessons we give. This will help in the higher levels of dressage. Any mares that do not meet this criteria do not stay on our farm.

My one foundation mare (pic above) Damita is a 6 year old Puro Lusitano is the most intelligent and sweet tempered mare that I have every owned. She will be bred this year to a Pure Lusitano stallion from Portugal.  Pics below:


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Pic Below is my Warmblood mare jumping back in the day !